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Length: 37.61 - Width: 7.13 - Depth: 3.78
Staal Guard /Research /Emergency /Towing Vessel
build in 1958 by NIELSEN MEKANISKE VERKSTED - HARSTAD, NORWAY. li Converted in 1997
Engine room - Main Engine: Wichmann 5 ACAT, 825 HP/375 rpm li Propeller: Helseth 4- blades in nozzle li 2x Aux. Engines: Cummins 4BT 3,9M 82 HP, Stamford Generator MSC 234 230V 50Hz, 50 Kva 40 kW li Scania DS11 234 Hk, Stamford Generator MC 45 230 V 50 Hz 145 Kva, 115 kW li Max Speed: 12,5 knots
(consumption 3,5 t/24 h) li Economical Speed: 9,0 knots (consumption 0,95 t/24
Thrusters - >> Hundsted Motorfabrikk SFT 3 66 kW.
>>The vessel has several rooms, totally it is beds for 32 persons, and there is a classroom for 30 persons and galley/mess room for 32 persons. Satellite television is mounted in mess room and in class room. The wheelhouse is arranged with 3609 vision and windows pointed upwards for navigation during helicopter operations. Due to a new modem tour blades propeller there is minimal noise and vibration in the accommodation.
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