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The full story about Smedegaarden A/S

Smedegaarden A/S were foundedc in 1963 by Henning Smedegaard who operated the company until July 2014.
3 (three) sons and brothers bought and took over the company in July 2014, and are running the company as an Ltd.

Smedegaareden Are specialized in:

  • Receiving Ships, vessels and Ofshore equipment and constructions for scrap and recycling.
  • World-wide Trade and shipstrade.
  • Trade of second hand Equipment for the Maritime and industrial industry.
  • General Trading.
  • Breakdown and recycling of Factory sites etc. on project basis.

The company has a larger stock of Maritime and Industrial equipment.

Specialister i Ophug & Genvinding

Smedegaarden A/S modtager alle former for erhvervsfartøjer til Genvinding. Vi har gennem alle årene specialiseret os i ophugning af alle slags skibe. Men efterhånden udgør genvinding og bearbejdning af skrot og materiale for offshore Industrien en stadig større del af vores samlede mængde.

Equipment & Site.

Smedegaarden A/S Have all machinery for Scrapping, recycling, such as Harbour cranes, Scrap shears, Trucks, Trailers etc etc etc.
Asbestos and other hazardous material-handling equipment,are available.
Additionally Smedegaarden has a recycling site for the actual scrapping & recycling process. The yard meaasures 110x50 Metres, and gives the possibility to handle vessel up to 170 Length x 40 metres width.
In extreme cases, vessels and constructions up till 200 metres can be handled.

Certification and approvals

About a handfull of approved Yards in the same Cathegory as Smedegaarden is Existing i EU., and Smedegaarden A/S are one of the leading in its field with more then 50 years of experience in this business.
Smedegaarden A/S are fully environmetally approved by Government authorities in Denmark, Green listed on the EU list of approved recycling facilities.
Smedegaarden A/S is today Co-Founder and member of ESR (European Ship Recyclers/ branch organization, working to secure the law is being kept and followed, that Eu does it's own waste handling and treatment and am,ongst many other things, working for equality amongst the EU yards.

EU & Worldwide

The company receives vessels and contrsuctions from many different European countries, and our well trained and educated employees has made the company well known word wide.

If you require any further details about our certification or facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind Regards

Morten Smedegaard