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About Smedegaarden A/S

Smedegaarden A/S is a family-owned company, which was founded in 1962 by Henning Smedegaard.

In 2014, the sons Eddie, Klaus and Morten took over the company. Our business escalated from a trading company to also providing services in the form of ship recycling and demolition of technological facilities.

As craftsmen in the maritime environment, we are proud to be included in the European list of approved companies for ship recycling.

The ships are dismantled and subsequently scrapped at an environmentally approved plant in Esbjerg harbor. Our location at the border of the Vadehavet Sea National Park commits.

We work purposefully to improve our quality management system. The work processes are followed up and improved according to current environmental requirements.


Scrapping of ships requires a great deal of expertise, craftsmanship, work safety and environmental awareness at the highest level.

We plan our work step by step and we use risk assessment methods. We dismantle ships, we sort all parts for recycling or environmental treatment and finally we scrap the hull of a ship on an environmentally safe cutting site.

All of this can only be done by well-trained employees and with a strong know-how.

Intermediate layer for non-hazardous waste

Smedegaarden A / S has been authorized for temporary storage of non-hazardous waste.

In cooperation with Hede Danmark, we run the intermediate storage for bio-waste (fishing silage), which is used for biogas production.

Our tanks of 1700m3 can receive fishing silage from both the sea and land side.

High water-proof shipping area

According to the latest environmental requirements, Smedegaarden A / S has established a shipping area. This can be rented to all companies and yards if they want to receive or ship off metal scrap, steel and marine structures from Offshore.

The company offers the opportunity to rent a mobile crane or electrohydraulic grip machine, for fast and safe loading.

Situation plan

  1. Office, Vikingkaj 5, 6700 Esbjerg
  2. Workshop, Molevej 22
  3. Warehouse protected against flooding
  4. Dismantling and environmental management at the pier 125m x 50m
  5. Environmental protected cutting area 45m x 100m
  6. Outdoor warehouse protected against flooding
  7. Bio-waste tanks 1700 m3
  8. Shipping area protected against flooding 40m x 50m